[nmg_banner title="Digium Switchvox" subhead="Buckhead Restaurant Group" video="4QBdWANuKjg" background="/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/mediterranean-cuisine-2378758_640.jpg"] <!-- [et_pb_line_break_holder] -->Buckhead Life Restaurant Group's legacy phone system was dying, and it needed an upgrade that was not only reliable but modern and robust. After choosing Digium's Switchvox, the UC solution has met all of the restaurant group's needs including multi-site functionality, call-flow analysis, and easily exchangeable marketing messages.<!-- [et_pb_line_break_holder] -->[/nmg_banner]

The Core Challenge

The Buckhead Restaurant Group has thirteen restaurants from Atlanta to South Florida.  We have a steakhouse, a seafood restaurant, a French restaurant, an Italian restaurant,  and our own bakery.

Our phone system is critical to serving guests, and coordinating our  staff. We take most of our reservations over the phone and we use our phone system to communicate between restaurants.

We  replaced a phone system because our previous setup was end-of-life. In upgrading we were hoping for something more user friendly and we wanted to make sure we were staying on top of technology.  


The phone system is the lifeline of a restaurant. Even with all the technology people use to make reservations online, when someone is serious about getting a reservation they want to talk to a live person. It’s our bread and butter.

CityPro is proud to represent  Digium phone systems.

Digium is trusted by innovative companies like Apple,
Allstate, General Electric, Chevron and many, many others.

Why Switchvox / Digium?

The number one priority was that we needed customers to be able to get through to the right people. We also wanted to have professional sounding hold music and be able to advertise to people while they were on hold.  

We looked at several different systems we looked at ShoreTel, Digi and the Avaya… we did our due diligence.  In the end we decided to go forward with a Digium system.

Sophisticated Call Flow Analysis

With our Digium system, we can do some pretty sophisticated call flow analysis.    For instance, we have certain process-defined time windows for answering calls.  If the phone is not answered within a set number of rings then it forwards into a management group. The system actually pages a manager to let them know a phone didn’t get answered within the allocated time.

In the back offices we use our system for more than just taking reservations.  Our system is used in integration with our credit card system, our gift card system and it we use it for marketing.
Switchvox  has a lot of uses beyond what you would expect from a phone system.

One Day Rollout

We rolled out our Digium Switchvox in one day.

We brought all the phones into our office, they plugged into the phone system and all the phones into a local network.  The phones automatically got their ids, we assigned all the users to the individual phone sets, set up all the presets for the phone buttons, printed all the labels out and put them in.

We didn’t have to get used to the new system –  the next day and we had new looking phones and that was the only difference.

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