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The Core Challenge

Chadwell  supply is a material supplier.  We supply pretty much everything but the wood and drywall that you’d find in an apartment complex or on any multifamily housing project across the southeast and Midwest the United States.  Our motto is your order, our truck, next day and we are committed to that. Your order will show up on our truck the next day from our people.

The owner, Mr Chadwell loves technology. He researched and found the Asterix product almost eight or nine years ago  years ago and essentially built his own system.

When it was time for a refresh or an upgrade it was a natural choice to turn to Digium.   

Our  IT department has better things to worry about than the phone system. With  Switchvox we simply don’t think about it. Everything just works.

CityPro is proud to represent  Digium phone systems. 
Digium is trusted by innovated companies such as Apple, Allstate, General Electric, Chevron and many, many others.

Perfect Call Centre Solution

Our  business is mainly handled by our call center, so it was very important that everything was  easy to use and also cost-effective.

Digium  checked off all the boxes right off the bat. In our  research we found that Digium Switchvox appliance had all the features we needed.  We recognized the value of having all the features bundled in one appliance.

The  Digium Smitchvox also met our needs when it came to budget.  When you’re sourcing phones, software and the licensing you can spend significant amounts more money on similar tools that actually have less features.  

Coordinate Your Communication

The most important thing to us is that the digium system just works.  When you plug in the phones they register with the network and they just work.  This makes everyone’s life a lot easier especially when you’re spread across different facilities around the country.

Our call center agents use  Switchvox heavily everyday. Switchvox 6.0. The  reporting dashboards let us monitor our call center and make sure we’re  keeping our hold times down, the queues are being handled quickly and our customers taken care of.

The agents in our call center are experiencing better sound quality than we’ve ever had before.   

My favorite Switchvox feature is the new dashboard.  It lets us look at every queue in the the company and know what’s going on.  We’re able to anticipate problems before they happen. If there are a problem I have the notifications set up to go off and they play in my headset all day. If we have a problem it’s taken care of before our customers ever notice.

Digium Phone System Case Studies