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The Core Challenge

Through the years we have grown and we’ve gone to different venues and to churches and every time we got a little bit bigger. By 2013 we’d grown to the point that we were able to buy this building at East Clinton Elementary.   After purchasing this historic 1938 building Providence Classical School had only six weeks to research, acquire and deploy a new phone system for the building in time for the start of the new school year.We would be welcoming approximately 200 students and 25 faculty as well as a team of parent volunteers.


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The Scope of the Project

This challenge was met because we decided to choose a flexible VoIP phone system that met our needs.

As part of upgrading the campus Providence Classical School decided to install an advanced unified communications solution.

The phone system before Swicthvox was simply a digital key system. It only had one or two lines. There was no real transfer capability and no call queues. There was also no voicemail and no email to voicemail. We didn’t have much flexibility in changing what happened to the calls once they came in.

Why We Picked Digium 

A site-survey provided an overview of the situation. The site survey revealed three generations of partially-working cable technology and approximately 10 subsystems. One advantage the survey revealed was that every room in the school was serviced by cat5 cable drop.

First we went through a design phase with the office to  understand how they wanted the communication to flow from teachers to the office and from parents to the office.

From there we developed an IVR call queues and different call rules.   After extensive research it was determined that Digium Switchvox business phone system would provide the best value.

System Deployment

We deployed a Switchvox phone system with approximately 40 Digium phones so the biggest challenge honestly was the cabling and the wiring in this very old school.

It’s now easy to change phones around or change extensions.

We’re able  to swap out phones in less than five minutes.  We can change extension is less than five minutes. So every year when teachers move around they can just take their phones with them.If we have new teachers it just takes only a few minutes to add that new extension. Now we have the Digium product and it’s just been a blessing to us to be able to get in touch with our teachers with a clinic or finance office as well as having an IVR that enabled different groups to leave different people to leave voicemails for different departments such as facilities.

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