I.T. Services

Smart Hands Services

Smart Hands refers to a service where technical staff who are located on-site are able to either proactively or reactively fix any issues that may arise with colocation equipment.

CityPro provides qualified technicians to perform hardware upgrades, hot-swaps, security updates and other essential maintenance tasks.  Citypro can also be retained to respond to 

  • Onsite/offsite technical assistance and troubleshooting
  • Equipment installations and configurations
  • Ladder racking, pre-wiring of patch panels and equipment
  • Interface card removal, installation and configuration
  • Testing media for continuity and proper signalling
  • Providing visual verifications to assist in remote troubleshooting
  • Inventorying/ labelling of equipment
  • Assistance in the conference room and with AV equipment setup
  • Power cycling a router, server and switch and soft-booting a server
  • Adding, removing and verifying a demarcation
  • Moving equipment within your space and cabinets
  • Moving or securing cables

Equipment Installation

CityPro Communicatrions, provides a wide range of network equipment installation services such as 

  • Network Cabling
  • Computers/Servers
  • Security Cameras
  • Door Access Systems
  • Security Systems-Access controls
  • Phone system Installation
  • And much more…

Moving to a new facility is an excellent time to incorporate new technology. PCI will help manage the coordinated integration and installation of the PBX and Voice Mail system into the new location. If an existing system, data, or voice cabling is being replaced, it is even possible to utilize that existing station/extension wiring for the new system.


Routers connect you to your Internet Service Provider while protecting you from the security hazards that could compromise your network. 

CityPro provides the following router-related services:

  • Standard router consulting, sourcing and provisioning 
  • Router hardware replacement and upgrades
  • Router software maintenance, including operating system upgrades, bug fixes, security configuration, Network address translation, fixed IP assignment, security patches and many many more.
  • Custom configuration for special circumstances and operational requirements.

WIFI Network Devices

City Services, Supports and provides configuration most WIFI Network Devices.  

WIFI service has a necessary and expected part of the hospital and retail landscape.   Reliable expert service ensures that your customers get the WIFI service they expect when they are visiting your store, restaurant or hotel.

Nowadays, people just expect WiFi to work—period. They don’t really care how it works, but they do expect it to always be available, be extremely fast, and assume your WIFI service is secure

You can significantly limit downtime and service calls by having your WIFI service scoped, designed, installed and supported by the experts at CItyPro.

Wireless networks use radio waves to connect devices such as laptops to the Internet, the business network and applications. When laptops are connected to Wi-Fi hot spots in public places, the connection is established to that business’s wireless network.