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The Core Challenge

Our phone system was 12 plus years old. We had recycled handsets from here and there. So we knew we needed an upgrade. We were aware of some of the neat things out there that you could do with a phone system that ours wasn’t able to do. We were running into customer dissatisfaction with their old set up.

What we were hearing from the customers was that the service we were providing was good but the timeliness with which we called them back, took their phone call or gave them the status on their service needed improvement.

The main problem we were running into was that a lot of incoming calls were being lost or not picked up. We knew we wanted the capability to have the phone answered in the event that the receptionist was on a break or otherwise unavailable.


If the phone is not ringing you’re not selling cars.

If it is ringing you better answer.

CityPro is proud to represent  Digium phone systems. 
Digium is trusted by innovated companies such as Apple, Allstate, General Electric, Chevron and many, many others.

The Features We Needed

We wanted an automated attendant that would pick up and we didn’t have that feature in our old system.  Our newest service receptionist didn’t last very long because of being overwhelmed and stressed out because you couldn’t tell who was at each extension, who they were waiting for, etc.

Our Digium representative performed an complete evaluation of the store and saw the way we’re spread out between multiple buildings and identified the different kinds of conversations that happen in sales and the service department.   They came up with a plan for routing those calls in our office.

Live in About Three Hours

The (Digium) Switchvox was already pre-configured off- site before we brought it out and it was tested and everything. Once we got the switches and everything hooked up w went and put the Digium phones at each desk, plugged them  in, powered them on and then just switch the PRI over to the

Swicthvox. Once we were up and running we did some general testing and were up and running trouble-free in a  couple of hours.

More Effective Teams

We handle a tremendous amount of calls from inbound to outbound calls, we’re averaging about 500 to 600 calls per day.  If a customer calls in and they really don’t know who they want to talk to our receptionist can forward that call to a group and then all the phones in that group will ring.

Whomever the next available person is can pick up the phone and help that customer. Switchvox is awesome in that respect.  I’m able to check anytime and tell you how many calls were sitting in the que, how many have been handled or how many were abandoned. I can use that information to call those customers back and find what we can do to help them.

Answer More Calls, Sell More Cars

The salespeople that are successful are the ones using  the call forwarding feature. They want to be able to take a call if they’re moving cars or if they’re walking back to service to check on something for a customer.  

They know their customers are calling.  We have  about  five salespeople that average over 16 cars a month and we find they’re the ones that are using the forwarding on the phone system.  They’re maximizing the use of the tools that the dealership provides.

If the phone is not ringing you’re not selling cars. If it is ringing you better answer.

The supervisors were also able to monitor presence. They could see when their agents were at their desk, how long they were out of the queue, how long they were in the queue and how many calls they had answered.

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