Affordable & Powerful
Business Phone Systems

Switchvox from Digium is a feature-rich and budget-friendly business phone system that’s both easy-to-use and customizable.

Instantly Reduce Telephony Costs

  • Low monthly rates, per channel or per minute.
  • Combine voice and data to one network. 
  • Pay only for trunks you need.
  • Reduce hardware costs associated with traditional channels.
  • Connect to existing legacy systems.


The Benefits of Switchvox

Cost savings

VoIP phone systems (especially cloud-based VoIP phone systems) tend to be much less expensive than traditional systems for both local and long distance calling.



VoIP phone systems operate over the Internet, which means they are capable of being accessed anywhere there is an internet connection. That means you can make and receive calls from anywhere you’d like and it’s as if you’re still sitting at your desk!



Cloud-based VoIP phone systems are very flexible and have the ability to expand or contract with your organization.


Better call routing and screening

VoIP phone systems have the capability of using auto attendants to answer calls and route them to the appropriate location. This saves your business time, money, and frustration.

Better connectivity

With VoIP phone systems, being away from your phone doesn’t have to limit your ability to stay connected to prospects, customers, and team members. With features like “Find Me Follow Me,” you can have your calls routed to several different locations in order to “find you”.

Better internal communication

Internal communication is vital to organizations of every size, and VoIP phone systems make internal communication easier. Features such as status indicators allow team members to see who’s available and who’s not. Chat features allow direct and instant lines of communication among your team, so there’s less time wasted trying to communicate, and more time spent actually communicating.

Better data and caller insight

With VoIP phone systems, you can integrate your calls with your business’s customer relationship management software (CRM), allowing you to get better insights into who is calling and what actions they’re taking before and after engaging with your business via telephone.

Developed By Digium

SIP Trunking 

Developed and deployed by Digium, SIP Trunking gives your company the ability to offer an end-to-end solution under one support umbrella.  From the dollar savings of SIP trunks, to the powerful UC benefits of Switchvox, to the high quality and feature-rich Digium IP Phones, Digium provides the total communications solution for your organization.

SIP Trunking Features


Add or remove channels with ease.

Number Porting

Bring your numbers with you.


End-to-end connectivity with Switchvox, Asterisk, and other Digium products.


Affordable DIDs and Toll Free Numbers.


Works with any SIP or SIP enabled PBX.

Multi Codec Support

G.711, G.729, G.722*


E911 numbers available.


T.38 (fax) pass-thru support.


Easily connect to a legacy system with a Digium gateway

Remote Call Forwarding (RCF)

If your SIP trunk cannot deliver a call to your PBX, it can be routed to another destination (such as an analog line, or cell phone).

Digium Phone System Case Studies